Zarv for Agents

Zarv has come to improve the job of first responder agents. We were listening and we built an app to make their life easier and give them the control of their mission. 👊🏼

why zARV?

More foccus on what's important and less interruptions.

We strongly believe that the one person on the street is the one that knows it better. So, we worship their experience and we've built an app that gives them more freedom and agility during the occcurances.

End of auctionings

Forget about the Whatsapp chaos. Our app calls the closest agent to the occurance.

More transparency

All of the history of occurances attended and payments registered organized in one place.

More safety

You take care of our client's assets, we take care of you with our security technologies.

Manage your time

You choose when to work and how to be paid according to your own needs, with one single click.

The Central pays attention to you

Central's support during the whole occurance with fast answers because we respect your time.

Faster payment

Payment is automated and takes place within 24 hours after an occurance is closed.


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what they say about zarv

What the agents that work with us have to say about our app.

A selected group of agents is already using our app to attend occurances and they're sharing their experience, take a look.

“The best platform I've ever tested.”

No app has done it ike you, talking to the agents in order to get their feedback before building the app. Other apps don't have a live chat, so we have to use both the app and the Whatsapp at the same time, which is helpless. Yours concentrate everything in the platform.

Hermann Biajante

“Zarv listens to us.”

I enjoy working with Zarv so much because the field agent is not always worshiped and in here they actually value our service. Zarv deals with people in a different way. We talk from people to people at Zarv and that's why I have never felt like just one simple number there during the whole time I've dealed with you, guys.

Rafael Almeida
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Do you want to be part of Zarv's network of agents?

Fill in the blanks of the wait list and we'll get in touch with you as soon as we grow our network of agents.

We are extremely demanding with the selection of the agents who use our platform. We allow the entrance and permanence of only experienced professionals with an excellent history of conduct. In that way, we can ensure everyone's safety.

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